Elite benefits above 300k?

For most people 300,000+ status miles in a year is unimagineable. For a small number of very frequent flyers (and FTers), 300,000 status miles are earned each year. groundradar asks why Air Canada has no extra benefits for uber-flyers above 300,000 miles.

Other than accumulating to lifetime status, there aren’t many extra benefits above 300,000 status miles on any frequent flyer program. Lufthansa Miles and More has HON Circle status at 600,000 HON Circle miles (status miles but limited to certain airlines) within 2 consecutive calendar years.

Other programs may provide invitational status or comp lifetime status to their most frequent of frequent flyers. But formal benefits at these heady heights are few and far between.

Personally I split my mileage between programs to attain top status on several – and including more than one alliance for maximum flexibility.

What do you think the FFPs should provide?

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