Enter For a Chance to Win a Gogo Wi-Fi Card in the Milepoint 12 Days of Christmas Gift Giveaway

n the eighth day of the Milepoint 12 Days of Christmas Gift Giveaway, you could be one of five lucky people to win a Gogo Wi-Fi card good for ten free flight passes — allowing you to access the Internet during a flight instead of being grossed out by watching the passenger next to you do something disgusting.

The following airlines have airplanes which are equipped with Gogo Wi-Fi service operating between destinations within the United States, Canada and Mexico where network coverage is available: Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, US Airways and Virgin America…

…but you must be the lucky winner from a random drawing of members of Milepoint who register to participate; and you must be a member of Milepoint to participate. If you are not already a member of Milepoint, sign up here. The winner will be notified on Sunday, December 21, 2014. The gift can not be exchanged for cash. By participating, you also agree to some small rules for the Milepoint 12 Days of Christmas gifts, as imparted by Milepoint founder Randy Petersen:

Each day we will select lucky members of Milepoint based on the number of gifts available that day. These will be members who have registered for the daily gift on that day. The winner will be notified by email and posted on Milepoint. If a daily winner has not responded within 7 days of the email we send, that gift will be lost to them and another one member chosen at random after the 12 Days giveaway has ended. Members may only enter once daily to be eligible.

When you register your interest to be considered for the daily gift, your email address will not be disclosed to third parties or sold. The gifts are personal to each member who wins from the random draw.

Milepoint reserves the right to exclude persons from the giveaway suspected of entering more than once daily, applying an unjustified advantage or sabotaging the gift giving spirit on Milepoint.

The winner will be chosen by Milepoint at random from all the day’s participants, and the winner will be notified and will be posted on Milepoint.com and in our newsletter. We accept no liability for technical errors that may arise in connection with this giveaway and reserve the right to exclusively distribute the number of prizes specified in the giveaway. We use random.org and its random numbering system to decide the winner.

Milepoint has the exclusive right to make final decisions about the winning gifts, participation, etc. If you have further questions about the giveaway, please feel free to contact us.

The Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi card is sponsored by Gogo.

list of other prizes to be won can be found in this article which I wrote on Friday, December 5, 2014.

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