Escape From Atlanta to New York — Because of Snow?!?

s the southeastern United States is gearing for what is being predicted as a major snowstorm later today and possibly extending into early tomorrow morning, I am on my way to South Africa — but my flight from Atlanta to New York was scheduled to depart later this evening after the snow would have already started, possibly delaying my flight…

…so I chose to change to an earlier flight to New York in order to have a greater chance of me meeting the flight operated by a different airline on a different itinerary so as not to take any chances.

Well, it turns out that the flight on which I am now a passenger has been delayed by almost a half hour. Not a problem, as I will still have several hours to spare in New York — which was not my original intention.

Let us just say that I am doing the greater Atlanta metropolitan area a favor: because I am leaving early, there should not be as much snow as originally predicted. Had I stayed and waited for the original flight on which I was supposed to be a passenger, then the greater Atlanta metropolitan area would have received a foot or more of accumulated snow.

I apologize for the quick posting here; but I am keeping my eyes and ears alert for updates while at the airport, which is quite crowded.

If your travels are being affected by inclement weather, please be patient and be safe…

Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

4 thoughts on “Escape From Atlanta to New York — Because of Snow?!?”

  1. Santastico says:

    Hope you can get out of ATL and make to NYC. I was there last week connecting to GSO and the airport was a zoo with so many flights cancelled or delayed. I made to GSO where they had gotten less than 1 inch of snow and the city was a ghost town. You guys have to spend couple days in MN to learn what a real winter is. 🙂

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      I am originally from New York, which is where I am now — so I escaped. Believe me, Santastico: I know what a real winter is…

      …well — maybe not a true Minnesota winter. I once went to Alaska in February one year; and the weather there was actually better than in both Los Angeles and Atlanta at that time. Go figure…

  2. Joey says:

    Do you bring snowstorms with you? lol hope you made it out safely!

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      Not this time, Joey. I understand that it is snowing quite heavily in parts of the Atlanta area, with delays at the airport at 60 to 90 minutes…

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