Etiquette Guide to Sleeping at 35,000 Feet — According to British Airways

Who should get the armrest aboard an airplane during a flight? When — or if — should shoes come off of the feet? If shoes are removed, is taking the socks off okay? If you absolutely need to use the lavatory, should you climb over your fellow passenger; or should you attempt to wake them up to let you out of the row?

Etiquette Guide to Sleeping at 35,000 Feet — According to British Airways

This short video was posted yesterday British Airways, claiming that it is the etiquette guide to sleeping at 35,000 feet, with the information gathered from surveying travelers across five countries. The main purpose is to promote its investment in improving its Club World product for long-haul flights with the help of The White Company, which is a partner in this initiative.

This infographic is provided by British Airways with more results from the survey:

Flying Etiquette Infographic

Source: British Airways.


I have covered the debate of the controversial armrest wars in this article

…but I have no problem with people removing their shoes during a flight — as long as doing so does not adversely affect fellow passengers. I personally do not remove my socks whenever I remove my shoes.

As for the other topics of etiquette, I may cover them in more detail in future articles…

Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

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