Exclusive: A Look at International Concourse F in Atlanta

Delta Air Lines was gracious to give a private tour of the new international concourse at the airport in Atlanta earlier today to five people, including a chief international pilot — and I was on this exclusive tour.
Concourse F is scheduled to be open sometime in the spring of 2012, and work appears to be progressing nicely — but I will let you be the judge of that when viewing five of the many photographs I have taken:

Photograph ©2011 by Brian Cohen.

At left is a photograph of the main lobby where passengers may book tickets and receive boarding passes. In the foreground are shells of what will become kiosks, while in the background are one of the banks of ticket counters. Plenty of windows — and views of the airport — extend along the length of both sides of the main lobby.
Photograph ©2011 by Brian Cohen.

If you have ever wanted to see what a moving walkway looks like before it is installed, look no further than the photograph at left. This is in the tunnel which will connect Concourse E — currently the only existing international concourse at the airport in Atlanta — with the future Concourse F. As you can see, construction workers are hard at work. One set of moving walkways is currently in place in a section of the tunnel closer to Concourse F, beyond the section shown at left. At the right edge of the photograph are boxes of construction materials, including hundreds of floor tiles waiting to be put in place.
The same tunnel is seen in the photograph below, with the secure portion of the tunnel located behind what will be a decorative glass wall. The secure portion of the tunnel will be equipped with a single moving walkway.
Photograph ©2011 by Brian Cohen.

In both of the above photographs, the floor simply consists of bare concrete, with plywood to temporarily protect the floor.
Photograph ©2011 by Brian Cohen.

In the above photograph is one of the conveyances for baggage in the baggage claim area, along with a stand for monitor displays and the ramp on which baggage will enter down into the area.
On the second floor of the photograph below will be a massively spacious Delta Sky Club.
Photograph ©2011 by Brian Cohen.

There are many more photographs of the progress of international Concourse F, as well as details about this new concourse, which I hope to post in the future in this thread on FlyerTalk.

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