Exclusive: The FlyerTalk Awards Results Are In — and The Winners Are…

The trophies for the FlyerTalk Awards. Cool, eh?

…well, the results of the votes of the 2012 FlyerTalk awards are not really exclusive, but I thought I would use the word exclusive in the title of content posted to The Gate for the third consecutive time. I promise that the word exclusive will not be in the title of whatever is posted next on The Gate.
Anyway, a total of 18 trophies were awarded to the winners based on the vote by FlyerTalk members. Here is some trivia pertaining to the FlyerTalk Awards in its inaugural year:

  • One car rental company completely swept every category this year, scoring a near-perfect score of 9.94 out of 10.00 in one of those categories
  • Two frequent guest loyalty programs shared the title for domination of the hotel categories, leaving no room for any other frequent guest loyalty program to win in any category
  • Three frequent flier programs won FlyerTalk awards, each dominating their respective geographical regions

So — who exactly are the winners of the 2012 FlyerTalk awards? Here are the complete results of the final votes, as well as a discussion pertaining to those results.
Congratulations to the winners!

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