Exercise Caution When Printing Your Electronic Ticket Receipt

Photographic illustration ©2012 by Brian Cohen.

While it may be a rare occurrence, you may want to take an extra few seconds to check the information on your electronic receipt when purchasing an airline ticket from a kiosk.
FlyerTalk member warreng24 warns that the pre-merger Continental Airlines kiosk in the airport in Phoenix reportedly printed out his entire credit card number — the one used to book his airline ticket —  on his receipt for his electronic ticket after he checked in and printed it.
Other FlyerTalk members are reporting that the experience of warreng24 may only be a glitch, as they are reporting normal experiences where the number of their credit cards is partially obscured when printed on their receipts.
Still, you can never be too careful. Take the extra time to check your electronic receipts to ensure that there is no sensitive information on them. When not in use anymore — meaning that you received proper mileage credit after your flight — shred them before disposing of them. In fact, this should be practiced on all potentially sensitive documents.
Travel smart and safely.

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