Experiences in a Small Town in China: Dog Neck, Chicken Feet, Stomach, Sheep’s Brains, Silkworm Larva and The Latest Flat Screen Monitor

We may never know if FlyerTalk member phillipas was able to stomach the stomach that was served for dinner, but the Your Worst Hotel Experience In China thread is a trip report of sorts where phillipas and other FlyerTalk members relate their unique experiences when visiting China.

Well, at least we know that, according to phillipas, the sheep’s brains that was served in a somewhat-charred sheep’s head was actually good to eat, as well as the dog neck and silk worm larva that FlyerTalk member anacapamalibu consumed on a different trip to China.

Make sure you munch and snack on some vacuum-packed chicken feet as you read through the thread.

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