Extended: Earn a Gift Card Worth Ten Dollars Every Time You Stay at Best Western Hotels

Y ou can earn a gift card worth ten dollars every time you stay at Best Western hotels through Sunday, April 30, 2017 — but you must first register for this promotion and be a member of the Best Western Rewards frequent guest loyalty program prior to your first qualified stay.

Additionally, you can also save ten percent off room rates for your stay and earn ten Best Western Rewards points for every dollar spent.

Earn a Gift Card Worth Ten Dollars Every Time You Stay at Best Western Hotels

The only limit to the number of gift cards which you can earn is the duration of the promotion period.

The gift card expires on the date printed on it — typically 120 days after fulfillment — with no extensions, substitutions or replacements to be available; and it must be used at a Best Western branded hotel a minimum of 120 days after fulfillment from Best Western International. This promotion is not valid with any other offer, promotion, or discount; and is subject to cancellation or change without notice.

Select Terms and Conditions

You can also register for this promotion in person — for example, at the front desk of any hotel property branded as Best Western in the United States, Canada, or the Caribbean Islands.

A valid e-mail address must be provided in your account profile in order for your promotional gift cards to be sent electronically to your valid e-mail address within two weeks from satisfying the requirements of the promotion to earn a gift card. There will not be an option for a physical card to be mailed to the address provided in your account profile.

Eligible stays completed prior to registration for this promotion and enrollment for membership in the Best Western Rewards frequent guest loyalty program will not count towards satisfying the requirements of this promotion.

An eligible stay — for the purpose of this promotion — is defined as one or more consecutive nights at the same hotel property branded as Best Western at a rate eligible for earning points or earning airline or partner rewards through the Best Western Rewards frequent guest loyalty program. Exceptions of a stay include reservations booked through an Internet travel agency; a tour operator; and at a special discounted rate. You are permitted to check in and check out of the hotel property only once per qualified stay — meaning that two consecutive nights at a hotel property will not constitute two consecutive stays. Eligible stays which take place during the promotion period where the date of when you check in or check out of the hotel property overlaps the beginning or ending of the promotion period will be counted towards the promotion.

Members of the Best Western Rewards frequent guest loyalty program who reside within North America may stay at any Best Western branded hotel or resort property worldwide; while members residing outside of North America must complete their stays at any Best Western branded hotel or resort property in North America.

Other terms and conditions apply.


The trend with some frequent guest loyalty programs has been to simplify promotions while ensuring that they are reasonably rewarding enough to maintain interest from members and customers. Best Western Rewards is on the right track, as this is an extension of a promotion which started in December of 2016; and it is a fairly simple promotion in which to participate…

…and the good news is that even though the gift cards expire, they can be combined towards payment for a stay at a hotel or resort property if you have more than one gift card.

Source: Best Western.

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