Natural Hot Spring Heiwajima
Source: Keikyukaihatsu Company Limited.

Extended: Free Hot Spring Experience With Purchase of Round-Trip Ticket

hrough Thursday, October 1, 2015, you can access and experience an onsen — or hot spring spa — free of charge when you purchase a round-trip ticket for a flight on an airplane operated by Japan Airlines from San Francisco International Airport to Tokyo International Haneda Airport and are assigned a seat in either the first class, business class or premium economy class cabins; and transportation via shuttle bus, comfortable leisure wear, and a face or bath towel for your use at Natural Hot Spring Heiwajima is included at no extra charge.

Passengers seated in the economy class cabin may take advantage of a discounted offer of ¥1,700.00 — or approximately $14.16 — to access the facilities of Natural Hot Spring Heiwajima upon arrival. The onsen is located approximately 15 minutes from the airport and operates 24 hours per day.

As I first wrote in this article on Sunday, December 21, 2014, this offer was originally set to expire yesterday, April 1, 2014; but it has been extended to October 1.

The offer is valid until 6:00 in the evening on your day of arrival. Round trip travel must include flights JL001 and JL002; and tickets must be purchased in the United States. Please ensure to reserve your seat on the shuttle bus in advance, as the shuttle service may not be available without a reservation. Once your flights operated by Japan Airlines are purchased, reservations are accepted 30 days prior to — or up to 12 hours in advance of — your arrival.

Submit your original boarding pass at the counter at Natural Hot Spring Heiwajima to be admitted; and if you were hoping to allow someone else to enjoy the experience instead of you, you are out of luck, as boarding passes are not transferable.

Other terms and conditions apply to this free hot spring experience, which is admittedly different from offers by other airlines — although this exclusive premium lounge with unisex sauna at Helsinki Airport is probably somewhat similar. Imagine that: being able to relax in a spa after a long-haul international trip confined to a small space for many hours. That is yet one more way to combat some of the six unpleasant things travel by air does to your body.

Image of Natural Hot Spring Heiwajima courtesy of Keikyukaihatsu Company Limited.

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