Eye Have an Idear About the Pronunciation of Certain Words…

…and that is to read about How to Respond to a Flight Attendant who asks if You Want “Eye”-talian or Caesar?

Frankly, our advice is that if there is a choice as intimated by the question above and the flight attendant is rather attractive: instead of eying the ’talian, take the opportunity to seize her instead — and we will not even discuss about whether or not the dressing part is optional.

When traveling frequently, it is inevitable that one will hear certain words pronounced rather differently, even within the same country such as in the United States, no matter what route you take. One will also learn about how certain letters are dropped from some words and added to others. The discussion is a microcosm of the unique yet interesting differences in lexicon as posed by generations of people who simply became accustomed to speaking a certain way.

So go ahead and pahk yer cah, berl that water, and be oily instead of late with the idear of reading all about how the strenth of the discussion inexplicably devolves into Green Goddess salad dressing without everybody getting all nucular about it…

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