Fight Aborts Flight

A United Airlines flight from IAD-ACC aborted because of seat squabble while the Boeing 767 aircraft carrying 144 passengers was within the vicinity of Washington, D.C. raises questions, such as how the meager recline of a seat in the economy class section of the aircraft can be the impetus of a fight serious enough to have two United States Air Force F-16 fighter jets escort the flight as it burned fuel before returning to land at Dulles International Airport. Also, the flight was delayed until the next day.
The pilot of the aircraft decided to abort the flight rather than deal with the uncertainty of what might further happen between the two combatants during the many hours left of flight time of the overnight trans-Atlantic flight to Ghana. The fight started when a passenger reclined his seat, and the passenger seated behind him responded by assaulting him with a “smack to the head.”

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