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Photograph ©2011 by Brian Cohen.

Finalists For Renaming the Stupid Tip of the Day Series of Articles — Plus Links to All of Them

The purpose of the series of articles called Stupid Tip of the Day is to offer advice which is so well hidden in plain sight that it may seem too obvious to impart and that everyone probably knows about it, leading the person giving the advice to think that someone else might think it is actually stupid — and have second thoughts about giving it after all…

Finalists For Renaming the Stupid Tip of the Day Series of Articles — Plus Links to All of Them

…but some readers of The Gate have misinterpreted the meaning of Stupid Tip of the Day — and understandably so — which is what led me to request your thoughts on renaming this rather popular series of articles in this article on Sunday, July 28, 2019.

I have not thought of a better name for a series of articles with tips which would seem so obvious to some people to the point where a person might consider it stupid for being so obvious: “Come on now, Brian — everyone knew that!” — and yet there would be other people who that tip would help, not realizing that it existed: “Wow — I had never thought of that. Thank you!”

Among the many suggestions which poured in both privately and publicly — and I thank you for all of them — the finalists for the new name of the Stupid Tip of the Day series of articles include, in no particular order:

  • Hiding in Plane Sight: Tip of The Day
  • Seemingly Obvious Tip of the Day
    • Seemingly Obvious Methodical Explanation — or SOME
    • Seemingly Obvious Functional Tip — or SOFT
  • Smart Tip of the Day
  • Tip of the Day
  • Traveler’s Tip Toolbox
  • Snapshots
  • KISS of the Day
  • Buddy Tip of the Day

Links to Every Stupid Tip of the Day Article

The links to all 73 articles from the Stupid Tip of the Day series — I cannot believe that I wrote that many articles in this series — from Tuesday, September 23, 2014 include:


I was going to add a poll to this article; but the software I used to use seems to no longer be installed — so I may add a poll at a later date.

If you feel that any of the finalists would be best with a variation of the name, please suggest it below in the Comments section — as well as which of the finalists you like best.

Thank you in advance.

Photograph ©2011 by Brian Cohen.

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