Find Out the Average Height and Weight of Men and Women By Country

“I  flew Norwegian last year on a 5-hour flight. It really wasn’t that bad. I’m not the tallest guy in the world (5’9″, though the media guide lists me at 6 foot), but I had decent legroom.”

In this article CHEAP! $240 Round-Trip Flights To Europe! from Oakland to Stockholm on airplanes operated by Norwegian Air Shuttle, Edward Pizzarello of Pizza in Motion was describing his experience aboard one of the airplanes; but revealing his height had me thinking: what is the average height of a man?

Find Out the Average Height and Weight of Men and Women By Country

During a cursory search, I stumbled upon an Internet web site called — what else? — Average Height, which gives statistics of the average height and weight of a man by country and the average height and weight of a woman by country via tables with which you can sort the average height for each country in ascending or descending order by clicking on the heading of any of the columns; or you can use the search field to find the country or height of your choice.

Edward Pizzarello is a half inch shy of the 5′ 9.5″ average height of an adult male in the United States.

According to the tables, on average, the:

  • Tallest men are from Bosnia & Herzegovina, who stand at an average of 6′ 0.5″ tall
  • Shortest men are from Indonesia, who stand at an average of 5′ 2.25″ tall
  • Tallest women are from the Netherlands, who stand at an average of 5′ 7″ tall
  • Shortest women are from Bolivia, who stand at an average of 4′ 8″ tall


I thought that a fun and interesting short article would be in order during this stressful holiday season — especially if you attempted to take advantage of that frustrating deal of 90 percent off of flights operated by Garuda Indonesia as reported in many articles plastered all over BoardingArea, which I did not even bother — and perhaps bring a bit of levity for the moment…

…although if you really want to be entertained, Average Height also lists the average breast size and average penis size per country; but discussion on those two topics is for another weblog…

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