Five FT Finds

An FTer birthday this week – wish LLM a happy birthday on 15 January.

A FT Do in the next 30 days – dinner drinks and who knows what else are on offer in Bangkok 22 January?

A FT Do in the next 3-6 months – for a change the BA forum is holding a do outside London, enjoy the drink, fine company, drink, food, drink, delightful Scottish weather, drink, some/lots of miles, and did we mention drink at Edinburgh 12-13 May 2007.

Something from the talking heads, err Talk Boarda Special Interests forum will not be replacing Religious and Disability Travel forums. There is current discussion on a new forum (having a separate Germany destination forum), and some housekeeping (whether the Hotel Deals subforum should be a separate forum, and the names of the various Latin America destination forums).

Something random – there is a big debate over on the AA forum about the merits or otherwise of holding pax onboard a plane for many hours during recent storms. There are good points on both sides, check it out in this thread (one of several).