Five FT Finds

An FTer birthday this week – wish chobby100 a happy birthday on 24 January.

A FT Do in the next 30 days – the do with the longest name is on in El Paso 2-4 February.

A FT Do in the next 3-6 months – the Freddies awards are being held in Arlington, Virginia. At the time of writing we haven’t been officially invited (yet), but since when has that stopped FTers? Join in at least some of the activities Freddies Arlington 26 April 2007, and the following few days in the official sign up thread for Post Freddies weekend 27-29 April 2007.

Something from the talking heads, err Talk Board – a vote has been announced for all motions being voted on being posted in the Talk Board forum at the time the vote is opened. There is also a discussion on post counts and whether all forums should be counted. Cholula asks for information on the history of Talk Board.

Something random – flying a budget airline and need more baggage allowance cheaper than the excess fees? While you could try to buy another cheap seat for the extra baggage allowance, on Ryanair there is not supposed to be any baggage allowance on a 2nd seat purchased.