Five FT Finds

An FTer birthday this week – wish surturminn a happy 40th birthday on 1st July.

Jenbel and chrissxb have set up a fantastic consolidated do thread. So I am looking for 1 more new find to showcase each week. Any suggestions please by PM (click here)?

New news – EU air safety committee reccommends a ban of all Indonesian airlines from flying to/from EU. Not that any currently fly scheduled services to EU, but the usual consumer warnings will have an effect on the airlines.

Something from the talking heads, err Talk Board – a proposal to move the Germany forum made less than a week ago has turned into a vote to restructure all the destination forums, and which seems to be a done deal (although not yet published). Perhaps I should post latest Talk Board happenings more often than weekly? PM me your thoughts (click here)

As a result of this vote, a suggestion has been made for Talk Board to change the notification and voting timelines. Meanwhile, discussion continues on the proposal to create a Finnair forum.

Something random – One World will have a new connection between Europe and Asia with the launch of Finnair’s Seoul service next year.