Five FT Finds

An FTer birthday this week – wish tomashi a happy birthday on 9th July.

Jenbel and chrissxb have set up a fantastic consolidated do thread. So I am looking for 1 more new find to showcase each week. Any suggestions please by PM (click here)?

New news – Following last weeks news that the EU air safety committee reccommends a ban of all Indonesian airlines from flying to/from EU, Indonesia has warned they may reciprocate.

Something from the talking heads, err Talk Board – voting is underway for a new forum for Finnair. Meanwhile the destination forum restructure was voted in but discussion continues. A suggestion to rename the New York City destination forum to include the surrounding area (especially Newark) has been made.

Something random – the incidents this week in UK means the travel security situation is changing frequently. The good folk on the BA forum are keeping a running commentary on the latest UK airport security status.