Five FT Finds

An FTer birthday this week – wish GK a happy birthday on 16th August.

Jenbel and chrissxb have set up a fantastic consolidated do thread.

New news – the case of the vanishing airport lines is unfortunately not discussing security/immigration queues.

A report on a trip – continuing the middle east theme from last week, TEX277 has written about Swiss and Lufthansa first class for Dubai and Abu Dhabi (with some other flights thrown in).

Something from the talking heads, err Talk Board – voting is underway on a new emergencies forum. There is also a request to clarify the home forum for posts about Sri Lankan Airlines, and a proposal for a new air cargo forum.

Something randomTidewaterTraveler asks what do you expect on a flight to Ndjamena? If anyone knows it will be some FTers, right?