Five FT Finds

An FTer birthday this week – wish Dovster happy birthday on December 11.

A FT Do in the next 30 daysredbeard911 is back in San Diego and planning an FT Gaslamp Dinner December 14

A FT Do in the next 3-6 months – the next episode in chrissxb’s gastronomic FT Tour De France, plus a visit to Airbus factory to see the big bird (aka A380), great company and friendly european hospitality – what more could an FTer want? TLS Do April 21/22.

Something from the talking heads, err Talk Board – 2 new proposed forums are under discussion, travel scams (presumably how to avoid them rather than a how to guide) and travel surveys. Think they are a good idea or not? Have your say by posting on the linked threads.

Something random – do you think you are tough by sleeping overnight at an airport? Try it in a foreign country with security waving around their weapons. I think I’ll pass thanks.