Flight Attendant Charged with Felonies for the Way He Quits His Job With jetBlue

A JetBlue IFC deploys emergency slide — and that is only one of a series of bizarre actions that Steven Slater undertook before quitting his job in a most unusual way after an encounter with a reportedly uncooperative passenger, which led to his being hit in the head by a piece of luggage from the overhead compartment, a profanity-laced tirade over the public address system of the aircraft, deployment of the emergency slide, and an exit — allegedly with beer in hand — from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

Felony charges have been filed against Mr. Slater after he was arrested at his home not far from the airport — allegedly as he “went nuts with his boyfriend in bed” — yet his antics have apparently quickly escalated and propelled him towards the status of an Internet folk hero — and many FlyerTalk members laud him with accolades for the way he quit his job at jetBlue and are even attempting to organize a legal defense fund for him.

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