Flight Attendant Hates Jewish People?

A flight attendant allegedly said “I hate Jewish people.. There I said it” to a colleague as she stood with her back to the aircraft in the Jetway next to the door with the luggage chute after Continental Airlines flight 1569 landed in Las Vegas.
After reflecting on the comment by the flight attendant overheard by him, FlyerTalk member AVIZ — who is an Orthodox person of Jewish faith — was appalled. He attributes the possible cause of the comment to what he describes as a “typical” altercation with one of the other flight attendants related to the overhead storage where his colleague — also of the Orthodox Jewish faith — attempted to help him stow his luggage, but the flight attendant reportedly insisted that she do it instead.

The head covering shown here is an example of a yarmulke, which can be comprised of many different fabrics, sizes and styles.

AVIZ believes that this incident is related to the airlines poor training and a lack of human beings being able to accept each other — regardless of religion and race. Although he is not one to seek media attention or insisting that the flight attendant should lose her job, he intends to compose a letter and send it to United Airlines “in hopes that before they invest money into fancy planes and iPhone apps, they get back to teaching the basics of how to treat a customer and fellow human being.
By the way, the flight attendants apparently knew that they were Jewish as evidenced by the yarmulkes — or skullcaps — they wore on their heads.
What do you think about this incident, and the planned response to it by AVIZ?

  1. While growing up in India, I was used to bookish English. Words like “kill” and “hate” meant to me precisely what the old dictionary said. One of my shocks after moving to the US was how Americans used these words much more casually. They’d “kill you” if you revealed their romantic secret, they “hate” this restaurant’s burger or another’s service, or an occasional “I hate it!” with no hint to what that “it” was. So, for all we know, this FA could just have meant something milder. Of course, if you feel offended, write. Presumably she has accumulated a record and her office would know if she is a true hater or a loose talker.

  2. although i’m not jewish, the attendant’s comment rises to the level of hate speech. there should be zero tolerance for that. she would definitely have lost her job if she had made a similar comment about a black person.
    a letter to the airline will simply get passed around the Customer Service and/or HR department(s), and maybe the flyer who heard the comment will get a smarmy letter of apology. end of story.
    the attendant should lose her job. end of story.

  3. Especially since 9/11 airline personnel can get away with almost anything. They can be rude, short, and crude. But if a passenger told an attendant he hated black people and the attendant was black (or not even black) TRUST ME he or she would have been thrown off the airline. Many, many years ago on a Continental flight a passenger used the F word out of frustration. She was removed and left to fend forself overnight (last flight of the day). You tell me who has the upper hand??? The flight attendant should be fired. What’s on ones mind should not always be on their lips.

  4. As a Jewish F/A at United, I can assure you that legacy United has a serious ethnic sensitivity training program. So, shame on that individual. How sad is this story…..

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