Fluffy the Wonder Cat?

“Is that a service cat?”

Here is the story that allegedly happened in the words of FlyerTalk member CDTraveler:

“Third day on the road, and our big guy was not going back in the carrier when we arrived at our La Quinta for the night. So we clipped on his leash (our cats always wear their harnesses while traveling) and walked him on in to the lobby. Desk clerk looked at him, strolling so casually along on a leash, and said, ‘Is that a service cat?’ I said, ‘Well, he does the work of one, but he doesn’t have the paperwork.’

“While she was checking us in, a woman came in with her ‘dog’ – I’ve seen bigger rats on leashes. My son laughed at the dog, because it was literally one-forth the size of our cat and made a joke about size reversal – big cat/tiny dog.

“As we’re walking away, the woman is heard complaining to the desk clerk ‘People shouldn’t travel with cats, they’re just nuisances in public.’ to which the desk clerk replied ‘That’s a service cat; he has the right be here!’

“Gotta love those who know the ADA.”

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