Fly Free One Way on Surf Air For American Express Centurion Cardholders — But…

You have the opportunity to be a passenger aboard aircraft operated by Surf Air in Europe for a flight one way between London and Zurich if you hold an American Express Centurion card and are based in either the United Kingdom or Switzerland.

Fly Free One Way on Surf Air For American Express Centurion Cardholders — But…

Simply fill out this form to get started and participate in this offer — if you are eligible.

This offer is limited to one flight per individual and valid for flight reservations — which are subject to availability — which are booked in the month of January for travel through Saturday, March 31, 2018 on a first-come, first-served basis.

Companion seats and return flights are available at a discount of 50 percent.

Please enquire for the complete terms and conditions associated with this offer at +44 (20) 8610 9366, as they are not publicly posted.

Surf Air Membership

Two different types of memberships are available: You can enjoy unlimited flights every month for a single recurring subscription fee of either…

  • £3,150.00 per month for all flight routes in both Europe and the United States; or
  • £1,750.00 per month for routes in Europe which are fewer than 600 kilometers in distance — equivalent to approximately $4,170.00 and $2,317.00 in United States currency respectively…

…or you can enjoy flexible private travel for yourself, your friends and your family by buying single seat leisure flights with an Escapes Membership for £1,300.00 per seat each way — equivalent to approximately $1,721.00 in United States currency.

Initially based in the United States and expanding, Surf Air launched service in Europe with its first flight on Friday, June 23, 2017 from London Luton Airport to Ibiza Airport.


The “all-you-can-fly” model based on membership subscriptions is not exactly an affordable model for everyone; but I do like the concept of flying as a passenger free of hassles in general: no having to go through an airport security checkpoint; showing up only minutes prior to departure; and fewer crowds are three of the benefits realized — but disadvantages also include increased chances of cancelled or delayed flights due to inclement weather and decreased services at smaller airports…

…but “flying short-haul routes from smaller airports does not come with a decrease in services nor does it mean an increase of cancellations or delays due to weather — this is largely dependent on the location of the airport and conditions at that time rather than its size or number of airlines it serves”, according to one of my contacts at Surf Air in Europe. “Using a small airport allows Surf Air personnel to assist each member from door to departure swiftly and easily and provide them with food, beverages and amenities to make them comfortable along the way.”

Also — unless you are truly a frequent flier — memberships can be rather expensive; and the choice of destinations is still rather limited.

Unfortunately, these smaller airlines still have a long way to go before they are able to significantly disrupt the commercial aviation model currently practiced in both the United States and Europe — possibly resulting in more choices for consumers in terms of air travel.

Still, this offer gives you an opportunity to try out Surf Air in Europe for yourself — if you qualify for this offer…

…and even if you do not qualify for this offer, I suspect this will not be the last promotion from Surf Air, as evidenced by this offer last October with which anyone who was based in Europe and held a top-tier frequent flier card could have qualified for a free flight through April of 2018 — but new applicants are no longer being accepted for that offer…

Source: Surf Air.

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