FlyerTalk Featured on CNN

For those of you who missed FlyerTalk on CNN when it originally aired, there is a link to the video segment that was featured on CNN Money, as well as excellent advice posted regarding a consolidated primer on how to travel inexpensively to attain elite status on an airline.

Not only will you find the founder of FlyerTalk Randy Petersen being interviewed as well as another FlyerTalk member, but you will also find a brief segment of a third FlyerTalk member rattling off one of his many wacky itineraries — and that person is none other than the author of the content of what you are reading right now…

One thought on “FlyerTalk Featured on CNN”

  1. Sean Colahan says:

    That’s FANTASTIC!!! We played that pkg at the news station I work at ( and that story got a bunch of people saying around the newsroom of “who are these people” and “that just crazy.” If only they knew one of their co-workers was a FlyerTalker who does MR’ing. Great piece and nice MR!!!

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