FlyerTalk Has Been Upgraded. What Do You Think?

As predicted, some FlyerTalk members like the new features that are included in FlyerTalk, while others do not…

…and, of course, there is every variation in between those two extremes.

FlyerTalk members have been reporting what they perceive as “glitches” with the upgrade. If you have noticed some glitches of your own, please report them in the Some problems with the ‘update’. Post what’s missing/problems thread.

You may also comment regarding the upgrade of FlyerTalk in the New Release of FT? thread, as well as read comments by other FlyerTalk members.

Also, be sure to be on the lookout for other threads that may pertain to comments, questions and, of course, technical issues about FlyerTalk itself in the Technical Issues forum.

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