FlyerTalk Member Forced to Delete Video Footage of Security Checkpoint

Photograph by marklyon.

FlyerTalk member marklyon alleges that he was assaulted by a Transportation Security Administration agent last month for filming the security checkpoints inside Terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York where he was attempting to determine which security checkpoints were using the Backscatter advanced imaging technology machines, and then he was ultimately forced to delete the footage — part of which he has successfully recovered and is available for viewing.
The details of the alleged assault was that after telling marklyon that he could not film and demanded to see what was on his camera, the Transportation Security Administration agent reportedly attempted to knock the camera to the floor out of the hand of marklyon upon trying to get a photograph of his badge.
Was marklyon fighting for justice and for his rights, or was he simply attempting to purposely cause trouble? Did marklyon abide by the rules of the law, or were there other factors which came into play that exacerbated this situation? Decide for yourself after reading the story and viewing the photographs and videos.
At the time that this was posted, this story is still not resolved. Follow it to find out what will ultimately happen…

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