FlyerTalk Member Sells Software for $19 Billion to Facebook

FlyerTalk member jkb76, who is also known as Jan Koum, which is his real name. Photograph courtesy of the LinkedIn profile of Jan Koum.

In May of 2009, FlyerTalk member jkb76 requested assistance from fellow FlyerTalk members pertaining to a “little tool” he had just developed called WhatsApp. “i hate shameless self promotion, but i couldn’t resist posting here because i wrote this app with people like us in mind (those who travel a lot)”, posted jkb76. “ever since i semi-retired a little over a year ago, i been traveling A LOT and i hated it when people tried to reach me when i am on the plane or out of the country. so i asked myself — wouldn’t it be cool if i just set a status for my iPhone, similar to how you can set a status on yahoo messenger or skype.”
That “little tool” was just sold to Facebook for a total of $19 billion in cash and stock — which is enough to give every registered FlyerTalk member greater than $35,000.00 each if that $19 billion was divided evenly. Additionally, jkb76 — whose real name is Jan Koum and is the co-founder and chief executive officer of WhatsApp — will join the board of Facebook.
FlyerTalk members are congratulating jkb76, who is probably the wealthiest member of FlyerTalk, surmises FlyerTalk member EuropeanPete.
“You can start your own airline now!” posted FlyerTalk member BigStuart.
“Heck, now he can BUY FLYERTALK!” exclaimed FlyerTalk member JDiver.
Congratulations to jkb76 from me as well. It is always nice to see a fellow FlyerTalk member succeed; and I wish for him all of the best.

7 thoughts on “FlyerTalk Member Sells Software for $19 Billion to Facebook”

  1. coplatsat says:

    We expect some really good and decadent trip reports.

  2. Points Surfer says:

    Congratualtions Mr. Koum….Awesome Achievement and all the best in your travels!

  3. not2017 says:

    This proves that the American dream does still exist! Good for you, Mr. Koum!

  4. DLroads says:

    Well done! and Mr. Koum, don’t by an airline-
    “If you want to be a Millionaire, start with a billion dollars and launch a new airline.” (Richard Branson)
    Great software, BTW 😉 Don’t let FB destroy it 🙂

  5. privacylawyer says:

    wonderful. have been a fan of whatsapp for awhile. I love FT and its reach.

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