FlyerTalk Member Witnesses Fighter Jets Intercepting Airplane

G ripen military fighter aircraft from the air force of Hungary scrambled to meet and identify a Boeing 777-200 airplane — which entered the air space over Hungary and did not initiate proper radio communications with authorities on the ground — during flight 108 operated by British Airways from Dubai to London on Saturday, April 30, 2016; and a member of FlyerTalk who was a passenger aboard that airplane witnessed the tense moments of the occurrence as it happened.

FlyerTalk Member Witnesses Fighter Jets Intercepting Airplane

Although authorities insist that passengers and members of the flight crew aboard the airplane were never in danger, the two Saab fighter jets responding to intercept what was perceived to be a potential threat did cause a momentary scare before the situation was quickly resolved once radio contact was restored; and the airplane landed without incident at London Heathrow Airport.

“Never been so scared in my life!” exclaimed FlyerTalk member Zonobia, who was a passenger aboard the flight in question and posted photographs as well as a link to this video. “I was in complete shock to see the fighter so close to us.”

No announcement, explanation or acknowledgement of the incident was conveyed to the passengers at any time during the flight.

“Incidents like this are more regular than you would think”

Perhaps FlyerTalk member Jamier45 is correct in stating that “Incidents like this are more regular than you would think”, as a similar incident occurred earlier today: Typhoon fighter jets from the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom similarly scrambled to intercept an airplane operated by Air France earlier today, causing sonic booms.


“To be flying happily and relaxed and suddenly seeing that fighter jet just meters away from us”, Zonobia posted, thinking that the people aboard the airplane were going to die. “I immediately thought that we were either hijacked or about to be shot down for whatever reason. Perhaps you would have thought that the fighter jets had pop around to wave at the pax… I have never been so scared before.”

Fortunately, there were no casualties, injuries or loss of property as a result of the two military fighter jets intercepting a commercial airplane full of passengers and members of the flight crew, which supposedly could have been either mitigated — or avoided altogether.

Regardless — despite being scared — I am glad that you and the other people aboard that airplane arrived at your destination safely, Zonobia.

Source: Zonobia.

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  1. MSer says:

    Zonobia is clearly a blithering idiot based on her comments in that FT post.

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