FlyerTalk Members Reveal Their Top “Pet Peeves” Pertaining to Air Travel in 2013

What do you think FlyerTalk members voted as the top “pet peeves” pertaining to air travel?
Before we reveal the link to the answers, let us first imagine that upon boarding an airplane, you look forward to a smooth, comfortable, quick and uneventful flight, but — as a frequent flier — you know that that does not always happen, to say the least.
The man seated next to you is coughing and sneezing without covering his mouth. A child seated behind you kicks the back of your seat incessantly while the passenger in front of you reclines her seat, which only aggravates the limited and cramped legroom available to you in your dirty seat — and the recline functionality of your seat is broken. The bag you carried aboard the aircraft with you will not fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you, so it had to be checked by a rude flight attendant who otherwise ignored you throughout the entire flight…
…and let us not even attempt to discuss how putrid the odor emanating from the lavatory near your seat, offending your olfactory sense.
FlyerTalk — the largest Internet travel community in the world with a rich base of travel knowledge — has collaborated with Frequent Business Traveler magazine on a series of polls pertaining to “pet peeves.” The results of the survey were published by Frequent Business Traveler magazine; while FlyerTalk members opined in this discussion.
Insufficient legroom was the top “pet peeve” pertaining to air travel for the second consecutive year amongst the greater than 1,300 people who participated in the survey in 2013, according to Frequent Business Traveler magazine.
Although I am in the minority when I opined that I would not mind a narrower economy class cabin seat as long as I was plied with food, non-alcoholic beverages and in-flight entertainment — all at no extra charge — I draw the line when it comes to legroom. In fact, I tend to avoid bulkhead seats whenever possible primarily because there is no seat in front of me under which I can stretch my legs — and the small “cut-out” at the base of the bulkhead wall on some aircraft does not cut it for me, as it does little to offer more legroom.

Would it not be nice to have legroom like this on every flight where your feet cannot reach the seat or bulkhead wall in front of you? Photograph ©2013 by Brian Cohen.

Loud or disruptive passengers ranked number two on the survey this year — why do I suddenly feel like Casey Kasem? — amongst those passengers who travel frequently via airplane. Perhaps the use of duct tape is in order here, as it apparently works.
“Pet peeve” number three was the seatmate who takes up too much space. FlyerTalk members have debated this particular topic for years — and it appears that the end of this debate is nowhere in sight for the foreseeable future.
Other “pet peeves” pertaining to air travel round out the remainder of the survey results for 2013. Can you guess what they are before they are revealed to you, as well as how they compared to the results of a similar survey in 2012?
Do you agree with the results of the survey? What “pet peeves” of air travel irk you the most?

One thought on “FlyerTalk Members Reveal Their Top “Pet Peeves” Pertaining to Air Travel in 2013”

  1. wolfie52 says:

    My ground pet peeve is the fact that as soon as an airplane even looks like it will be boarding, passengers immediately get up and clog the access to the boarding gate.

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