FlyerTalk Members Sweep Top Prizes in Road Warrior Contest

Featured in this photograph — which graced the front cover of American Way magazine — from left to right in the front are third-prize winner Dave Reynolds and FlyerTalk members Claire Luna and Neal Gottlieb. In the rear are FlyerTalk member Bruce Cacho-Negrete and third-prize winner Brian Ven Flandern. Photography by Jeffrey Salter, courtesy of American Way magazine.

Congratulations to FlyerTalk members nhg, Blue925 and Bcacho, all of whom finished first, second and third respectively in the Tenth Annual Road Warrior Contest of American Way, the official in-flight magazine of American Airlines. Along with two other third-place winners, they logged a combined total of 618,186 air miles as passengers on American Airlines in 2010.
FlyerTalk members nhg, Blue925 and Bcacho are also known respectively by their real names of Neal Gottlieb, Claire Luna and Bruce Cacho-Negrete. They participated in a fashion photography session at the Hotel Breakwater in the South Beach section of Miami.
The plea to assist nhg in his quest to win was first posted here, which was then highlighted in The Gate on November 1, 2011.
Here is a video highlighting the winners.
As a bonus — and, as a shameless plug for the ice cream company which he founded — now that you know what nhg looks like, if you spot him at an airport or on a plane through the end of the month and use the secret word “pompadour,” Neal will give you a coupon for a free pint of Three Twins Ice Cream.
Congratulations again to the winners!

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