FlyerTalk Nominated for Best General Travel Site — Yet Again for 2014

FlyerTalk has once again been nominated for the GlobeRunner Award for Best General Travel Site — which is based on votes by readers of Frequent Business Traveler magazine — after having won the award in 2013 and in 2012.
Voting for the 2014 Frequent Business Traveler GlobeRunner Awards has already begun. If you believe that FlyerTalk is indeed the best general travel Internet web site in the world, then please show how you feel by voting for FlyerTalk in the 2014 Frequent Business Traveler GlobeRunner Awards, as voting will be open until May 31, 2014.
As a bonus incentive to vote, every person who completes the ballot will have a chance to win a valuable piece of vintage airline memorabilia — which may possibly include a guide to airports in the New York area in the 1960s as published by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey; or a piece of china used in the first class cabin on Pan American World Airways…
…and while I have your attention, I am going to ask you for a rare favor. This year, three new categories were added to the GlobeRunner Awards for 2014: Best Travel Tools and Apps, Best General Travel Blog, and Best Points and Miles Blog. The Gate was not included as one of the nominees for 2014 — but would you please consider adding The Gate to the area where you can write in your nomination for Best Points and Miles Blog, as shown below?

Please write in The Gate as your vote for the Best Points and Miles Blog — as shown above — if you believe that The Gate should win in this new category. As you can see in the screen shot above, there are no superfluous arrows or deletions of any of the competition — most of the authors I know in person. Thank you in advance.

I would greatly appreciate your support — and please do not accommodate my request unless you truly do believe that The Gate should be nominated, as I do not want “false votes” to help The Gate win.
Even if The Gate does not win the award for Best Points and Miles Blog, I wish all of the best to my colleagues who author their respective weblogs in vying for the award.
You can help FlyerTalk win again in 2014. Will FlyerTalk win the GlobeRunner Award for Best General Travel Site for the third consecutive year? Please vote today!

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