Free Breakfast Buffet for All?!?

Did you Ever see poachers help themselves to a hotel’s free breakfast buffet?

Are they called “poachers” because of the poached eggs served at breakfast?

Can one tell whether or not people who help themselves to the complimentary breakfast offered by such lodging chains as Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express or Fairfield Inn are actually guests of the establishment, or did they simply walk in off the street to take advantage of something juicy to which they are not even entitled?

Do the alleged poachers butter up the employees of the property so that they are not caught and become toast, or do they simply waffle around inconspicuously, milking the free breakfast for all that it is worth to them until they decide to cheese it because they do not have enough bread to pay for their own breakfast? Are some of them cereal offenders?

Some FlyerTalk members believe that there oat to be a strictly-enforced policy apple-ied to breakfast poachers to prevent this situation from occurring in the future…

2 thoughts on “Free Breakfast Buffet for All?!?”

  1. Stimpy says:

    I have thought at times how very easy it would be to waltz into a hotel and grab a free breakfast. At many hotels I am never challenged, especially HIX’s. But I have never had the nerve to do it, even when unemployed.

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