Free Doughnut When You Purchase Coffee at Krispy Kreme

T o celebrate the announcement of the introduction of two blends of fresh coffee — brewed from 100 percent Arabica beans — you can get a free doughnut when you purchase any size of either blend of the new coffee at locations of Krispy Kreme throughout the United States starting on Monday, February 6, 2017.

Free Doughnut When You Purchase Coffee at Krispy Kreme

The two blends of the new coffee are called Smooth and Rich.

I know nothing about coffee — I may have had ten cups in my life, if that — but matching a coffee with the unique flavor of a Krispy Kreme doughnut is apparently a complex feat — in part because “the coffee must have just the right balance of flavor profiles.”

After sourcing Arabica beans from Sumatra, Colombia, Guatemala and Brazil, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts spent months working with experts to create the perfect coffee blends for its doughnuts – offering light acidity to balance the sweetness and with nuttiness and citrus notes to complement the treats. Lightly roasted with a subtle blend of Central and South American beans, the new Smooth blend is crafted to produce a smooth, balanced body for easy drinking and a naturally sweet finish. As a bold alternative, the new Rich blend is an aromatic and flavorful medium-bodied blend of Central, African and Indo-Pacific beans, creating a lush, well-rounded flavor and satisfying finish.


This promotion is scheduled to end on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 — so if you are interested in participating, mark your calendar for this coming Monday.

I guess that you cannot have more than one free doughnut during the same visit if you order more than one cup of coffee — and I am not sure if you can choose any doughnut other than the original glazed variety for free — but at least you do not need a coupon to take advantage of this promotion.

I am hoping that this promotion will help tide you over until mealtime while you are traveling somewhere in the United States…

Source: Krispy Kreme.

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