Free Hilton HHonors Diamond VIP Elite Status, Eh?

In the Hilton gives Diamond VIP to all Canadian Amex Centurion Members – breaking news! thread, FlyerTalk member centurion_canuck proclaims the following announcement:

“Just opened my mail today and received a letter from Hilton stating that as of last week, Hilton and CANADIAN AMEX CENTURION have partnered – in the letter was my brand new HILTON DIAMOND VIP card, good till March 31st 2013. What a great new part of the Centurion program, well done amex! Just called and confirmed with AMEX this deal was sealed 10 days ago and all Canadian members should get there cards any day for Diamond. What a nice surprise!”

One FlyerTalk member responds by saying “What Hilton won’t do for an extra few $$$$.”

What do you think?

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