Free Small Vanilla Cone Today — and Yet…

s a “taste of summer” to come, you can enjoy a free small vanilla cone at no charge today, Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at participating locations in the United States operated by Dairy Queen which are not in shopping malls; and this offer — with a maximum limit of one vanilla cone per person — is valid all day.

Unlike the short stack of pancakes you could have enjoyed free of charge at participating locations of the International House of Pancakes one week ago for what is known as National Pancake Day; and unlike a similar promotion last year from Dairy Queen which celebrated 75 years in business, there is no voluntary obligation — I know, an oxymoron — to donate any funds to charitable causes.

What Exactly Is the Frozen Vanilla Product in the Cone?

Be aware that — unlike what was proclaimed in this short article written by The Weekly Flyer at Points, Miles & Martinis — that the frozen vanilla product in the cone is not classified as ice cream, as explained in the frequent asked questions at the official Internet web site of Dairy Queen:

Technically, our soft serve does not qualify to be called ice cream. To be categorized as ice cream, the minimum butterfat content must be ten percent, and our soft serve has only five percent butterfat content. While our soft serve product used to be categorized as “ice milk,” the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) eliminated this category of product to allow companies the ability to market frozen dairy products as “reduced-fat,” “light,” and “low-fat” ice cream.

DQ® soft serve fits into the “reduced-fat” ice cream category and our shake mix qualifies as “low-fat” ice cream. But, even though our soft serve may have been categorized differently in the past, our recipe has not changed. DQ soft serve contains 5% butterfat, which is not the same as 95% fat-free.

The above explanation is why you never have — and never will — see the “soft serve” sold by Dairy Queen marketed or advertised as real ice cream.


Personally, I miss enjoying Carvel ice cream in a real sugar cone since moving out of New York — including its Wednesday is Sundae promotion. There was a brief period of time when the ice cream chain — which is currently franchised and operated by Focus Brands, which is based in Atlanta and a subsidiary of Roark Capital Group — experienced an aggressive expansion in some locations around the United States; but has sadly since scaled back and closed a significant number of locations.

I believe that the late Tom Carvel — who is the founder of that chain of ice cream stores — would be rather disappointed; but of course, I digress as usual.

Enjoy your free small cone from Dairy Queen if you decide to participate in this promotion. I most likely will not participate.

Source: Dairy Queen.

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