Free Ice Cream Cone Today at Carvel

“C arvel… America’s Freshest Ice Cream®, is kicking off ice cream season by celebrating their annual Free Cone Day next Thursday, April 21, from 3-8 p.m. EDT. Carvel® guests will be treated to a free junior cone filled with their choice of freshly made vanilla, chocolate or the limited-time, OREO® cookie inspired soft ice cream made with real OREO® cookie pieces at participating Carvel shoppes.”

Free Ice Cream Cone Today at Carvel

That first paragraph is from this press release which is poorly written — especially as Dairy QueenBen & Jerry’s and even Rita’s beat them to the punch earlier this year with their own promotions — but at least the good news is that you can get a free ice cream cone at participating locations of Carvel ice cream shoppes today between 3:00 in the afternoon at 8:00 in the evening Eastern Daylight Time.

If you want toppings on your ice cream cone, you will be charged for them.

Support the American Red Cross

Even better is that you will have an opportunity to support the National Day of Giving of the American Red Cross — an organization to which I have donated double amounts of platelets greater than 125 times. Starting today and until supplies last, Carvel will offer a coupon book for the cost of one dollar. The coupon book contains greater than $20.00 in savings, with all proceeds from the sales of the coupon books to be donated to support the disaster relief efforts of the American Red Cross. The goal today is to reach a minimum of $20,000.00 in donations, which will be a part of the greater than $145,000.00 contributed in total by Carvel since first creating a partnership with the organization in 2012.

Of course, you can support the National Day of Giving without visiting a Carvel ice cream shoppe.

History of Carvel in Brief

Carvel is an iconic brand of ice cream in the New York metropolitan area which has endured a history as twisted as the soft ice cream served at its locations. Since Tom Carvel founded the first retail ice cream company in the United States back in 1934 as the result of a flat tire on his ice cream truck in Hartsdale, New York during Memorial Day weekend and realizing that people enjoyed the melting ice cream when he sold out of product within two days, Carvel had grown into a chain of greater than 850 ice cream shoppes — many of which were located within the New York metropolitan area and southern Florida.

After Tom Carvel sold the corporation to an investment group based in Bahrain in 1989, a private equity firm based in Atlanta purchased a controlling interest in Carvel in 2001 and created a company which currently franchises and operates fewer than 400 ice cream shoppes worldwide — a significant decrease from the aforementioned number of locations in its heyday.

I mentioned this brief history of Carvel in case you might be having a difficult time finding a location, as the brand seems to have unfortunately lost its way within the past decade. I find it ironic that the private equity firm and its subsidiary which control Carvel are both headquartered in Atlanta; and yet there are only four Carvel ice cream shoppes within the entire state of Georgia — none of which are in Atlanta.

To me, that would be like the company headquarters of Hilton Worldwide being based in McLean in Virginia but having only four hotel properties in the entire state.

Courtney Bufford — who is employed in the guest relations department at Carvel — responded to an inquiry from me that “We are preparing to expand our operations, primarily through franchise development and we hope that there will be more in the Atlanta area soon.”

This article written by Hadley Malcolm for USA TODAY claims that Carvel “is looking to double its presence as it spreads out across the country this year. But rather than opening droves of new stores, Carvel plans to expand by bringing its famous ice cream to the cinnamon bun stores of Cinnabon and the giant soft pretzels of Auntie Anne’s.”


Carvel may not serve the best ice cream in the world; but for me, the key ingredient is that enjoying Carvel ice cream and shakes was a part of my formative years when I resided in New York. I still get excited at the prospect of visiting a Carvel ice cream shoppe location, as the thought of soft chocolate ice cream in a sugar cone with sprinkles brings out the little kid in me.

If you are fortunate enough to either be located near a Carvel ice cream shoppe — or at least will pass by a participating location sometime today — please enjoy a free ice cream cone for me, as I will be unable to participate due to no Carvel ice cream shoppe being conveniently location near me.

As the late Tom Carvel would say in his gravelly voice at the conclusion of his homemade television commercials: “Thank you.”

Source: Carvel.

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