Free Ice Cream Cone — Today Only, April 4, 2017

Y ou can enjoy a free ice cream cone from Ben & Jerry’s with no purchase necessary — this is a tradition which started in 1979 in order to raise awareness pertaining to social and environmental issues — but the offer is only good for today, Tuesday, April 4, 2017 from noon until 8:00 in the evening at participating locations

Free Ice Cream Cone — Today Only, April 4, 2017

…and you are requested to “Let us know if you’re coming so that we can make sure we have enough ice cream on April 4!”

There have been similar offers for a cone filled with frozen soft serve dessert and Italian ice this year as well — most of which are annual offers; so if you missed them this year, they will most likely return next year. Mark your calendars now.


A free ice cream cone can brighten your day…

…and no, I am still not related to Ben Cohen — who is a co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s — as far as I know, anyway…

…so which flavor of ice cream will you choose?

Source: Ben & Jerry’s.

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