Free Miles on Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines

If you are both a Delta Air Lines SkyMiles member and a Northwest Airlines WorldPerks member, here is your chance to earn a quick and easy 500 miles when you Link NW and DL accounts.

Not only can you earn 500 free miles as a result of a minute or two of effort on your part, but once your accounts are linked, you are free to transfer miles between accounts as often as you like, free of charge.

Details of this offer may also be found in the Linking WorldPerks With Skymiles? [500 Mile Bonus after Link] thread.

Additionally, if you are interested in being matriculated for some higher education, how about a “degree” where you can earn hundreds — perhaps thousands — of Northwest WorldPerks miles? Pack your trunk and head on over to the Master WorldPerks University Thread [Merged Threads] where enrolling, participating in the courses and taking the final exams may be worth your while, and each course requires only mere minutes of your time. The WorldPerks miles immediately post to your Northwest Airlines WorldPerks account upon completion of each test. Dormitory facilities are not available, but at least there are no heavy textbooks to carry.

Keep in mind that both the Northwest Airlines WorldPerks and Delta Air Lines SkyMiles promotions are included here due to the recently announced merger between the two airlines, and it is expected that when the merger is finally completed, the miles from both programs will be combined.

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