Free Points or Identity Theft?

What if you checked your frequent guest program account and found thousands of points added to it without staying at the properties in question?

This is what happened when FlyerTalk member sard checked the most recent Hilton HHonors statement, where 40,000 Hilton HHonors points was inexplicably added, and another statement where 5,000 Hilton HHonors points was mysteriously added. Even stranger was that the hotel bill was paid.

This caused sard to wonder: I received free points – should I worry? … or could this possibly be a case of identity theft or credit card fraud?

One thought on “Free Points or Identity Theft?”

  1. RonDace says:

    This happened to me a couple years ago. My real name is not real common but there is another RonDace (this is a screen name) and we both share the same middle initial and not only that but our wives have the same first name. We had exchanged emails many years ago so we know of each other but that’s about it. One weekend he stayed at a Hampton Inn and they apparently checked the name Ron X. Dace, but did not check the address. When reviewing this I called the diamond desk to try to get things straightened out. It really wasn’t right to keep the points.
    Hilton later apologized and the manager also sent me an email saying that the clerk had been disciplined. Now I feel bad. I don’t think the other Ron was trying to do anything bad, it was just a clerical error.
    Next time, I plan on keeping my mouth shut. I’ll send the other Ron an email and hope he gets a free upgrade and some cookies and I’ll tell him not to say anything and as long as the hotel doesn’t go with the “we have your cc on file” we should be good.
    However, if it’s not the other Ron that I know, I would be watching my credit records very carefully.

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