Free Silver Preferred Status on US Airways for 90 Days

Yes, US Airways is offering a Free 90 Day Silver Trial – Again for 2010.

While it is somewhat different than the promotion that was first posted here at The Gate last year, this offer is eligible only to those US Airways Dividend Miles members who are currently non-elite general members, did not have status in 2009 and have not done any trial or status match within the past 24 months. Also, one must purchase a non-refundable ticket on US Airways or US Airways Express online to qualify for the 90-day Silver Preferred trial status.

Among other perks, Silver Preferred status members of the US Airways Dividend Miles frequent flier loyalty program enjoy no bag fees for first and second checked bags, priority check-in and boarding, First Class upgrades and a choice of Preferred seats.

This promotion is good until August 15, 2010. Other rules and restrictions apply.

One thought on “Free Silver Preferred Status on US Airways for 90 Days”

  1. Dawn says:


    I am currently a Platinum status on US AIRWAYS and today I wrote this suggestion to the airline because up until this year, I loved the benefits and perks of the status. Now, even after spending enough with the Credit card to qualify for preferred miles AND flying enough miles to qualify for the status(which is a lot), we have to pay for the “good seats” on flights. Just be aware of this before you get excited about any of their offers.

    My suggestion to USAIRWAYS today in an e-mail. This is not very formal but I wanted to start this and will continue to spread the word with hopes they will consider allowing certain levels to choose seats again without charging them.
    This message is not directly correlated to the flight number referenced above. This is a general complaint to the airlines about the changes made to increase sales that decreases the value of dividend miles status. Two of the main perks to climbing to anything higher than silver preferred were up to 2 bags checked free and being able to choose any seat in Coach if we were not upgraded to first class. Now, with the new program that allows people to pay for “choice seats”, we have fewer preferred seats to choose from. I made a choice to use the USAIRWAYS credit card and to only book USAIRWAYS flights to maintain a gold or platinum level with USAIRWAYS so that I could enjoy the convenience and comfort level without having to pay additional fees. Rather than this being a complaint, I wanted to make a suggestion that you consider altering the benefits of Gold, Platinum and Chairman’s status. Because they are your most elite status levels, I feel they should still have the option of choosing any seat in coach without having to pay additional fees for what the airline has deemed “choice seats”. We are the airline’s base business who are consistent/frequent fliers. When we fly this much and dedicate the money and loyalty to one airline, we do appreciate the perks that airlines reward us with as a thank you for the loyalty. When they are taken away or when the airlines put a price tag on these simple perks, this frustrates many of us. Please consider this suggestion. Thank you.

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