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Graphic illustration ©2012 Brian Cohen.

Frequent Flier Loyalty Programs: Which Were Best and Worst in Terms of Satisfaction in 2014?

In terms of satisfaction amongst their members, which frequent flier loyalty programs earned the highest praise — and which ones received the most scorn?

Before we reveal the link to the answers, let us first imagine that you are looking forward to a sorely-needed vacation, using the frequent flier loyalty program miles for which you worked so hard to earn — only to find that either the flights you want are unavailable; the flights that are available have three connections and will take you 46 hours in total travel time to finally reach your destination so that you may enjoy your four-day respite; or you will need to completely empty out your account altogether to procure that desired non-stop flight.

Earning miles may be just as bad, as not every frequent flier loyalty program has released all of the details as to what redemption rates will be in the future; but class of service is one factor which plays a larger role than ever in terms of how many frequent flier loyalty program miles you will earn on a flight: the less expensive the class of service; the fewer miles you will earn.

With the frequent flier loyalty programs of United Airlines and Delta Air Lines changing to revenue-based models instead of models based on distance flown and requiring a minimum spend in order to be even considered for elite level status, earning it has become more difficult that ever — unless you are willing to spend more money on your travels…

…but some frequent flier loyalty programs treat their members better than others — depending on the expectations of their members, of course. This is especially true when it comes to customer service — or lack thereof, in some cases.

FlyerTalk — the largest Internet travel community in the world with a rich base of travel knowledge — has collaborated with Frequent Business Traveler magazine on a series of polls. The results of the survey were published by Frequent Business Traveler magazine; while FlyerTalk members opined in this discussion

…and without even further ado, here are the results:

Click on the chart above to access the official Internet web site of Frequent Business Traveler magazine and the source of the chart.

Do you agree with the results of the survey? With which frequent flier loyalty programs are you the most — and least — satisfied?

Graphic illustration ©2012 by Brian Cohen.

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