Gate Searches to Increase

While it may be possible that as more people read The Gate, the search for information may increase, that is not the “gate searches” to which is being referred here.

Rather, the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, announced that there will be More Gate Searches in Store for Fliers.

Take one guess regarding how the majority of FlyerTalk members opine regarding this topic.

As for the idea that there will be will be More Gate Searches in Store for Fliers, The Gate believes that searches might possibly be more effective at an airport than in a store regarding airport security.

One thought on “Gate Searches to Increase”

  1. In addition to more gate searches, it seems that our privacy is taking ever greater hits when we surf around the Web. Expedia is selling cookie data, without personally identifiable information, to airlines and hotels and cellphone companies so advertisers can target you with so-called “behavioral ads” when you navigate to major Websites like MSN, Yahoo, the New York Times etc. It’s the “next big thing” and it is just one more blow to privacy rights.

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