Get 10 Percent Off Your Next Duty Free Purchase in Seconds

If you are flying as a passenger on Delta Air Lines and are thinking about purchasing a tax-free or duty-free item during your flight, you are in luck: answer nine simple questions in seconds and receive a ten percent discount off of your next purchase…
…or that was my experience, anyway, when I attempted to complete the survey — which is powered by a company called Qualtrics — found at the official Internet web site of Delta Air Lines. For some reason, the questions — most of which are multiple choice — are numbered from 1 through 12, but 5, 6 and 7 are missing, so I only had to fill out nine questions.
The voucher for your discount of ten percent off of purchasing a tax-free or duty-free item during your flight is valid through January 31, 2014 — and at least one report claims that the voucher will appear on the boarding pass you print at home.
I will not be taking advantage of this offer mainly because the items sold aboard the aircraft during a flight do not interest me — but I hope that this discount will be beneficial to you if you decide to fill out the survey. Just be aware that the survey asks for your e-mail address — although it appears that you might be able to skip that question.

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