Get $40 Back With Promotion Still On?

Back on Tuesday, May 30, 2017, I wrote this article pertaining to how you can spend a minimum of $80.00 on your hotel reservation booked at and you will get $40.00 back after you complete your stay — though that offer was available at the official Internet web site of American Airlines where an active link was provided but seems to no longer be there.

Get $40 Back With Promotion Still On?

Although other links to this promotion have disappeared — and some may still be available — one link appears to still be active, thanks to this content posted by FlyerTalk member iluvdoco: Secret Flying has a link via this article through which the green banner still appears at the bottom. I cannot confirm for sure that the promotion is still active because I already participated in this offer; but if you have not yet taken advantage of it yet, try the aforementioned link… promotion

Click on the image to view an enlarged version. Source:

…and for proof that you have indeed taken advantage of this promotion just in case your credit card account had not yet had $40.00 returned to it, take a full screen shot which includes the date and time and the green banner at the bottom. The screen shot show above does not include the date and time it was taken.

At this time, I have not found an active link to this version of the promotion through which you will get €75.00 back to your credit card account after you complete your stay when you spend a minimum of €225.00 on your hotel reservation booked at

This promotion is good for only one time per person; and is subject to these terms and conditions — including:

  • Within a reasonable time after your stay, you must either create a user account and save a valid credit card in the account settings or provide a valid credit card on the provided digital form in order to obtain the reward as a credit to your credit card — and the American Express card is not currently an accepted credit card
  • will only recognize one eligible reservation per participant per campaign to count for an incentive bonus; and you may only receive incentive bonuses from a maximum of three different campaigns per year — including Refer-a-Friend campaigns, as indicated in this aforementioned article


The confusion surrounding this otherwise excellent and easy promotion is that an expiration date had never been published; so no one knows exactly when this promotion is supposed to end. No confirmation that you will receive the $40.00 is communicated once the reservation is booked. The terms and conditions of this promotion are also rather vague.

I would proceed with using the aforementioned link with caution. Book yourself a reservation through which you spend a minimum of $80.00 without the expectation that you will get the $40.00 back into your credit card account.

The photograph at the top of this article provides a hint of where I booked my first reservation through; and $40.00 was indeed added back to my credit card account not long after my stay. In fact, I received an e-mail message on the day that my stay was completed with the title Have a great trip! Your US$40 reward will be waiting for you... and the text “We hope you have an awesome trip! After your stay, you’ll get an email about your US$40 reward from The reward is paid to your preferred credit card and sent shortly after that.”

I intend to write at least one article reviewing that stay — and I took plenty of photographs.

By the way, I paid for the reservation using a foreign currency; but $40.00 in United States dollars was returned back to the account of the credit card which I used to pay for the reservation.

Finally, I have the option of placing both an affiliate link and a referral link with in this article; but I would rather ensure that you are able to take advantage of this offer and realize the savings of $40.00 with no doubt or confusion whatsoever.

If you do decide to take a chance, please report back in the Comments section below if the offer worked for you so that other readers have less trepidation in participating in this offer.

Thank you in advance — and I hope you get that easy rebate of $40.00.

Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

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