Get a Burger King Whopper For One Cent — At McDonald’s?!?

Ah, the marketing department at Burger King never seems to fail at concocting new — and rather outrageous — campaigns associated with its long-time rival, McDonald’s; and this time is no exception: for a limited time, you can now order a Whopper sandwich at McDonald’s for only one cent.

Get a Burger King Whopper For One Cent — At McDonald’s?!?

“What?!?”, you may have involuntarily asked yourself with incredulous disbelief — but it is true.

It is actually a technicality: you really can order a Whopper sandwich at McDonald’s — with no additional purchase required, believe it or not — but no one at McDonald’s will actually serve it to you. You see, you need to order your Whopper sandwich “at” a location of a McDonald’s restaurant — or, at least, within 600 feet of one — using the official mobile software application program of Burger King on your portable electronic device, through which the offer will be “unlocked.”

Once you have done that, do not — I repeat, do not — proceed to an employee of McDonald’s and ask where is your Whopper sandwich. Rather, simply drive to the nearest Burger King restaurant — never fear, you will receive directions from your portable electronic device — where your Whopper sandwich will be waiting.

See for yourself with this promotional video of what is called the Whopper Detour:

This video gives you instructions on how to benefit from this promotion by rewarding yourself with the gastronomical delight known as the Whopper sandwich:

You are limited to one Whopper sandwich per customer. This offer is not valid on specialty versions of the Whopper sandwich; nor is it valid in the states of Alaska or Hawaii — which is a shame, as Kauai is where I had the best Whopper sandwich I have ever eaten; with any other coupons or offers; or on delivery orders.

This offer expires on Wednesday, December 12, 2018.

Not the First Publicity Stunt by Burger King Involving McDonald’s

In a blatant publicity stunt which ultimately failed, marketing representatives of Burger King proposed to management at McDonald’s to combine six elements of the Big Mac with six elements of the Whopper to form a hamburger to be called the McWhopper — about which I wrote in this article on Monday, August 31, 2015 — in order to “get the world talking about Peace Day” on Monday, September 21, 2015.

The new hamburger would only last for one day and be sold at a “pop-up” restaurant located in Atlanta — which is approximately halfway between the world headquarters of McDonald’s in the Chicago area and Burger King in the Miami area.

That also was not the first publicity stunt Burger King promoted involving McDonald’s — and it likely will not be the last one either.


When built correctly, the Whopper from Burger King could actually be a tasty, satisfying and delicious sandwich — but that rarely ever happens. Just look at the photograph of an actual Whopper sandwich from Burger King at the top of this article. Does that actually look appetizing to you — enough so to compel you to run right out and buy one on which to dine?

That specifically poor excuse for a Whopper sandwich is one of many reasons why I rarely ever indulge in fast food.

Still, this could be a good deal to tide you over while you are traveling until you have a real meal. Unless it is actually given to you for free, you will not ever find a better deal for a Whopper sandwich from Burger King than paying one lousy cent for it.

Too bad that the extra long fish sandwich from Burger King — and the fun I had with it — no longer exists…

Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

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