“Get Back Here and Give Me My Gratuity!”

Imagine not having enough cash to pay for a gratuity which a fellow dining partner who paid the bill failed to leave to the waitperson, so a cup of coffee had to be purchased and charged to a credit card with a large tip to atone for that oversight.

Have you ever seen suitcases take flight all by themselves because of an irate taxi cab driver stiffed out of a tip who served as their launch pad?

A waitperson complains that a 10% gratuity is not sufficient enough after delivering what was perceived by the patrons to be poor service.

Regarding Tipping-Who has been chased down outside a restaurant?

We are willing to bet the ones who leave either no tip or a gratuity so incredibly small — think one penny or so — for their perception of poor service probably would be the most likely people to raise their hands in response to that question.

One thought on ““Get Back Here and Give Me My Gratuity!””

  1. DN says:

    Never been chased down. But isn’t the whole point of gratuity to reward good service? Why is it consider mandatory in the first place?

    People will make the argument that the waiting staff needs the gratuities to supplement low wages, but isn’t this then a problem of low/unfair wages rather than poor tipping?

    At any rate I don’t go to work and expect my boss to give me a tip every time I complete a task, so I think this whole tipping system of paying the waiting staff is broken. Staff should be asking for a fair wage from their employers to begin with.

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