Get FlightTrack Pro Free From Starbucks — A $9.99 Value

FlightTrack Pro is available for a limited time only. Image courtesy of Mobiata LLC. Please click on the image for additional information pertaining to FlightTrack Pro.

FlightTrack Pro — an application which purportedly gives you everything you need to manage your flights in real time whose retail price is normally $9.99 — is the “App Pick of the Week” and available free of charge by picking up a code at a participating Starbucks location.
Although FlightTrack Pro is available for Android devices, the code seems to only be valid for portable electronic devices built by Apple Incorporated which use the iOS 5 or later operating system, such as iPhone, iPod and iPad. You must use iTunes software to acquire FlightTrack Pro.
If you are unable to get to a Starbucks location this week, FlyerTalk members have been posting codes for fellow FlyerTalk members to use. You may also request a code from either Michelle, who is the author of the Miles, Points and Mai Tais weblog; or Kathy, who is the author of the Will Run For Miles weblog.
In fact, there is a Starbucks location close to where I am based. I plan to stop by and pick up a few extra codes myself as soon as tomorrow, if they are available. If so, I will post instructions on how to get a code from me — so please keep an eye on this article for details.
Update as of 5:06 in the afternoon Eastern Daylight Time, July 8, 2013: the employees at the Starbucks location near me claim that I need to get the code at, which is obviously incorrect.
If I do get the codes, I will post on how I will give them away. In the meantime, if you are interested in a code, please be sure to use the aforementioned links in this article.
Thank you.
Update as of 8:10 in the evening Eastern Daylight Time, July 9, 2013: Psst — if you are still watching for updates here, I have good news for you.
Although I am too late to get the actual cards from a Starbucks location, I have access to three codes to give away — courtesy of Kathy, who is the author of the Will Run For Miles weblog at First2Board. Thank you for your incredible generosity, Kathy!
The first three FlyerTalk members to post a request for a code for FlightTrack Pro in the Comments section below will receive a private message from me with the code, which is valid until September 24, 2013.
Good luck — and thank you for your patience!

6 thoughts on “Get FlightTrack Pro Free From Starbucks — A $9.99 Value”

  1. bwiflyer01 says:

    I’d love a code if you have one.

  2. flyguy00 says:

    I would love a code, thanks!

  3. N555UA says:

    I would really appreciate a code also. Thanks!!

  4. Brian Cohen says:

    Congratulations, bwiflyer01, flyguy00 and N555UA!
    I sent a private message via FlyerTalk to all of you with your codes.
    Thank you for reading The Gate!

  5. tetgun says:

    Can you send me a redeem code plz?

  6. Cbed90 says:

    Are there still codes to be had? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. C

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