Get These Cocktail Waitresses Away From Me!

When partaking in the bubbly — as in soda — FlyerTalk member DMark just wants to be left alone to enjoy his drink while on the casino floor at the M resort in Las Vegas. However, DMark feels the need to Nitpick About Cocktail Waitresses At “M”, as he believes that they should stop bothering him and incessantly asking if he wants another drink while he gambles and does Coke — or Sprite, ginger ale or any other soda of his choice from the free soft drink self-service dispensers located throughout the casino floor.

One FlyerTalk member replies: “I’d be peeved, also, to be making half the tips as other Vegas cocktail waitresses do because of the self-serve soda fountains.” In response, another FlyerTalk member suggests “… then they should go work where all the other cocktail waitresses are working.”

Frankly, perhaps the aggressive cocktail waitresses at the M should all go to L…

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