Get Two Free Nights at a Hyatt Hotel When You Spend $250 on Products? Yes — But…

ite Aid is a chain of pharmacies which currently has a promotion called Happy You Year where you can be rewarded based on how much you spend; and if you spend $250.00 on certain products from this list, you can earn two free nights at any one of greater than 350 participating Hyatt hotel properties in the Premier category of the Gold Passport frequent guest loyalty program.

There are five different reward codes; and the award for two free nights at a Hyatt hotel property is in the highest category — of course.

Here is the bizarre part of this promotion: with this reward, you are to provide three preferred participating Hyatt hotel locations and dates which you would like to visit and — as long as there is availability through this promotion — the stay of two consecutive nights will be booked for you, as explained in the steps below:

Sign up for the You Year Rewards program or log in to your existing account on the Sign Up/Log In page. You must have a credit balance of at least 250 to redeem the 2 Night Hotel Stay reward. Under the “My Account” tab, select “Redeem” to view the rewards that you are eligible for. Select the “2 Night Hotel Stay” button. Once you select and confirm your 2 Night Hotel Stay reward, you will gain access to the Registration Form. The Registration Form must be completed and postmarked with a copy of valid photo I.D. or Passport to Rite Aid Fulfillment Center, PO Box 961827, Boston, MA 02196 no later than 3/3/15. Within 10 days after receipt and verification of the Registration Form and copy of photo I.D., you will be emailed a Booking Code and link to the online Booking Form. You must submit the online Booking Form completed in full, including the unique Booking Code and 3 preferred participating Hyatt locations and dates by 3/22/15. Dates of hotel stay must be within 4 months from the date the Booking Form is completed and submitted, but at least 4 weeks out from when the Booking Form is completed and submitted. Within 8 days of the Booking Form submission, you will be sent an email with Hyatt location availability. You must confirm your Hyatt location choice within 2 business days of the Hyatt location availability being sent to you.

…so out of your three choices, one is chosen for you — and you must confirm within two business days, with no exceptions to be made if your reservation is not confirmed within this timeframe of two business days?!? Yikes!

The following instructions are required to receive your reward:

  1. You must confirm your reward selection no later than Tuesday, February 24, 2015
  2. You must download, fill out and complete, postmark and mail the registration form — along with a copy of valid photo identification or passport — no later than Tuesday, March 3, 2015
  3. The registration form is only accessible right after your reward selection has been confirmed: within ten days after receipt and verification of the registration form and identification or passport, a booking code will be sent via e-mail message to you from the promoter issuing a booking code and link to the booking form via the Internet
  4. You must submit the booking form via the Internet completed in full, including:
    1. The unique booking code
    2. Three preferred dates, and
    3. Three preferred Hyatt hotel property locations by Sunday, March 22, 2015
  5. The booking form expires at midnight Pacific Daylight Time on Monday, March 23, 2015


You must be 18 years of age or older in order to redeem this reward. There is a limit of one hotel stay reward for two consecutive nights per customer name; one per household; and one per booking group. Certificates are valid for single or double occupancy rooms based on availability. There is a maximum of two people in a single occupancy room and a maximum of four people in a double occupancy room. Reward recipient will receive two Hyatt Nights Certificates — each good for one night — and they must be used towards two consecutive nights.

The reward is not transferable to another party, transferable for sale, resale, and is not redeemable for cash or credit. No exchange of the reward is permitted under any circumstance; and no credit, refund or extension for any unused rewards will be provided. Any unused portions of the Hyatt Nights Certificates are lost. The Hyatt Nights Certificates are not replaceable if lost, destroyed, stolen, or expired, and void if altered, reproduced, transferred or sold.

The reward cannot be held under the promotion until your reservation is confirmed, which must occur within two business days after the first date of contact by the concierge agent confirming the availability of the Hyatt hotel property location. This offer is valid in the United States only, excluding territories of the United States; is not transferable or refundable; and is subject to availability and blackout dates. The reward is available while supplies last; is subject to promotional availability and there is no guarantee that the preferred resorts or dates will be available once the booking form has been received; is valid only for room rate and associated taxes; and reward selection is final.

You must follow not only the 38 terms and conditions of this promotion; but also the terms and conditions of Hyatt Incentive Rewards of Hyatt Corporation. Highlights of the 38 terms and conditions include the following:

  1. Meals, beverage, casino, resort or service fees, incidentals, taxes, transport (including flights, airport transfers, and airport tax) and personal expenses are not included. Travelers may be required to contribute to Hyatt location utility charges for electricity, telephone and water. Fees and deposits may be mandatory at some Hyatt locations and are not included in the Reward. All passengers are responsible for purchasing adequate travel insurance before traveling. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any problems caused by a failure to purchase travel insurance and shall be entirely without liability. Travelers are responsible for any damage to the accommodations during stay and the venue may ask for a security deposit upon arrival. This is not included with the Reward.

  2. This Reward is based upon advance scheduled reservations only. The bearer of the Reward must follow the instructions provided in the email confirmation sent at the time of booking. The instructions and all other information stated within the email confirmation also form part of the Terms and Conditions of this Reward. Qualified bearers of the Reward will receive two Hyatt Nights Certificates in the mail after their booking has been confirmed. Released Parties cannot accept any liability for any failure to present proof of reservation, which includes the two Hyatt Nights Certificates, at the participating Hyatt locations when checking in, which may result in refusal to accept the reservation. Failure to comply with the booking instructions or any other directives made in conjunction with this Reward may result in cancellation and/or a charge for accommodation. Under these circumstances, Reward shall be considered redeemed, Hyatt Nights Certificates will be voided for use and participant shall be solely responsible for any costs or fees incurred as a result of their non-compliance. By making a booking, the bearer of the Reward agrees in full with these regulations.

  3. Valid I.D., valid credit card and the two original Hyatt Nights Certificates (that will be mailed to bearers of the Reward) are required at check-in. Each Hyatt Nights Certificate is valid for a stay of one (1) night, in a standard, single or double occupancy room at any one (1) participating Hyatt location. Both Hyatt Nights Certificates are used on the same reservation and must be used towards two (2) consecutive nights. Standard room type determined by Hyatt location.

  4. Valid credit card information is required upon booking.

  5. Additional costs/fees for products and services outside of the Reward are not included.

  6. The bearer of the Reward must follow the instructions provided by the Promoter and Hyatt Corporation. Failure to comply with the instructions or any other directives made in conjunction with this Reward may result in cancellation and/or a charge for the Reward. Under these circumstances, Reward shall be considered redeemed and participant shall be solely responsible for any costs or fees incurred as a result of their non compliance.

  7. This Reward cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer.

  8. Void if any required documents, including the Hyatt Nights Certificates, are photocopied and where prohibited or restricted by law.

  9. Released Parties shall not be liable for lost, stolen, damaged, misdirected or undeliverable Hyatt Nights Certificates, Registration Forms, Booking Forms, Booking Code Email (with unique code) and/or redemption requests and will not issue or replace Hyatt Nights Certificates, Registration Forms, Booking Forms, Booking Code Emails (with unique code), Reward and/or redemption requests in any of these events.

  10. The bearer of the Reward is responsible for any damage to the Hyatt location during stay. The Hyatt location may ask for a security deposit upon arrival.

  11. Hyatt Corporation reserves the right to modify the list of participating hotels at any time, including level changes.

  12. No cancellations or itinerary changes are possible through the Promoter after confirmation of booking. Once booked, the reservation is non-refundable. Once confirmation has been sent, all changes/cancellations must be made with the booked Hyatt location and that Hyatt location’s cancellation/change fees may apply. Customers who do not make it to their scheduled reservation will be charged any cancellation or room fees determined by the booked Hyatt location. These fees and fee policies will vary depending on Hyatt location.

  13. The Reward is subject to Reward availability and Promoter reserves the right to substitute a reward of equal or greater value or a different reward in Tier 5 if the original Reward is no longer available at the time of redemption.

  14. Promoter reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to replace the Reward with another of equal or higher value. Further, Promoter reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to offer a number of alternative rewards in the event the original Reward is unavailable.


Well, if you have read this far and your head is not yet spinning, then this promotion might — just might — be for you. However, my experience has been that Rite Aid does not exactly have the lowest prices; so your $250.00 might go further elsewhere…

…and this promotion is complex and confusing enough that it is most likely not worth the effort. What if none of the three hotel properties and three dates you selected are available?

By the way, you could choose a stay at a resort for seven days instead of at a Hyatt hotel property for two consecutive nights; but the terms and conditions are generally similar — and the stay would be at a participating time-share resort through RCI, a division of Wyndham Worldwide.

If you have been a regular reader of The Gate, you probably already know how I feel about Wyndham, as the first frequent travel loyalty program which came to my mind pertaining to how important is trust in a frequent travel loyalty program was Wyndham Rewards, where the number of Wyndham Rewards frequent guest loyalty program points needed to convert to airline frequent flier loyalty program miles had doubled and “upgraded” at least one hotel property to a new redemption level known as Tier 9. Both perceived devaluations were implemented immediately within four days of each other — and with no notice, announcement or advance warning of any sort whatsoever.

Let us just say that how I feel about Wyndham Rewards is similar to how I feel about timeshares.

For the aforementioned reasons cited, I intend to pass on this promotion; and you probably should pass on it as well…

…unless you will shop at a Rite Aid pharmacy in the near future for the participating products anyway — such as for six ounces of Anti Monkey Butt powder — and use some sort of credit card or other incentive program which will lower your cost or reward you for purchasing the products…

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